Monday, 29 August 2016

Sold to the Enemy by Mandy Rosko


Dex's new owner is an old enemy... In the distant future, engineered humanoids are created in labs and sold for pleasure to high paying clients. Dex is engineered with intelligence far superior to the rest of his species, and he is aware that the possibility of a life outside of servitude is out of his reach. Until Melody comes back into his life. The poor little rich daughter of one of his former owners, Melody's lie sent Dex back to the labs for torture and testing. Now she's back, and she just purchased the rights to him. He won't take it lying down... Though she seems to have changed and is determined to make amends, Dex demands proof of her sincerity in exchange for his forgiveness. His conditions are simple. Melody must play the part of sexual servant to Dex's every need, turning the tables for just one night.


 I loved this book and I loved my time getting to know Dex and Melody...Will definitely be back to read more...Thank you to the Author Mandy Rosko for taking me along for the ride ;) 

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