Thursday, 8 December 2016

Chase (Men Of Might #1) by Stormy Glenn

Note: Recommended 18+

Chase Might was a man in trouble. On a mission for the protection agency he owned with his brothers, he somehow found himself shot and cornered in a deserted warehouse by the third most powerful man in the Dominguez drug cartel. To make matters worse, a man claiming to need his help in protecting his infant son is also being hunted by the brutal drug lord. Chase can ignore the instincts screaming at him to protect the beautiful man and escape with his life or he can stay and fight a battle he has no chance of winning.

Was there really a choice?

Patrick O'Leary only wants to get his son to safety. The man he married had gone from the man of his dreams to the monster in his nightmares. Patrick no longer cares if he escapes. He doubts he'll live through the next beating, but he'll do anything in his power to ensure the horror he has suffered for so very long doesn't befall his son, even if that means making a deal with a complete stranger.

Did he have any other choice?
My Review
 I loved this book, I loved especially Chase Might, I love the way this book is going so I will definitely be back to read more, I would like to thank the Author Stormy Glenn for doing what you do for us Readers :)

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