Friday, 16 September 2016

Mr. Dark 1 by Lauren Landish


Medical student Sophie White is working two jobs to pay for her college tuition. But when she meets the handsome, dark and mysterious Mark, she is thrust into a world that she never knew existed.
A man of confidence, Mark exudes a quiet power and seductiveness, but who he is and how he acquired his wealth remains a mystery. When he meets the lovely Sophie White, he is smitten, and despite every fiber in his body telling him not to, he brings her into his dark world. 


I really love this book and it's characters. Sophie White and Mark are just so HOT and very well described in the book...I really like the way the Author Lauren Landish is going with this...I can't wair to read more...I would like to also thank the Author Lauren Landish...for doing what you do for us Readers :) Will definitely be back to read more :)



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