Friday, 23 September 2016

Silken Desires by Laci Paige


Friends since childhood and lovers as adults, Roxi leaves Jonathan without explanation. He assumes it's due to his changing lifestyle; venturing deep into the world of BDSM, but she has a deeper secret that has her running away.

After a life-changing year in hiding, Roxi comes home a new woman, a sub with masochistic needs. When she confides her secret to him, Jonathan realizes that to keep her safe from harm, he must be her Dom, and help her obtain the physical peak she needs. Love cannot be a part of the equation. Jonathan has to protect his heart and guard his soul.

As he finds himself falling for another woman, Roxi admits she wants more from Jonathan. She wants his heart and soul along with his perfect domination. She wants a life with him, but can he risk loving Roxi again?


I really enjoyed this book and the characters Roxi and Jonathan...They are definitely HOT in all the right places...Will definitely be back to read more by this Author...Thank you Laci Paige for taking me along for the ride :)  



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