Friday, 9 September 2016

Night And Day by Mandy Rosko


Cedric, a sun sprite from a highly respected family, is soon to be married to his wealthy cousin to satisfy family debts. Miserable, Cedric is allowed one night of freedom before his wedding. A vampire lord is having his centennial, and vampires make outstanding lovers.

It is Silus Veturious’ birthday celebration, and he sees no problem with taking a human, Cedric, to his bed for some fun. One taste and he discovers that Cedric is no human, and that taste gives him the most explosive orgasm of his life.

Despite their enemy status, Silus is intrigued. He has never been with a sun sprite before, and he wants to know more about the one who braved a house filled with vampires.

Neither of their families are pleased with the match, and Cedric and Silus must choose if their new and fragile relationship, built mostly on lust, is worth risking their lives.

My Review

I loved these two characters very much Cedric and Silus...What a great Paranormal Romance, M/M, I will have to say I have a thing for Vampires especially...Will definitely be back to read more by this Author...Thank you again Mandy Rosko for doing what you do for us Readers :) 

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