Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My Interview with Author Amanda Edwards

1. When did you first realize you wanted to become a Writer/author?      I realized I wanted to become a writer when I was 16. After I did a history report on the town I lived in.

2. Where do you get your ideas for your book?    My ideas come from the way I always thought vampires should be and my dreams.

3. What kind of things do you enjoy when not writing?    I enjoy spending time with my family and reading. I tend to read 3 books a week.

4. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?    I am working on book 2 and so far it is my favorite.

5. Do you have any suggestions to help others who have a passion for writing?   Set goals and write what you feel is your genre. Don’t give up without trying it out and putting yourself out there. It is worth it in the end.

6. What do you think makes a great story?    The characters story and plot. You have to feel like you could be the character.

7. Which Writer/Authors inspire you?   J.R. Ward, Christine Feehan, J.K. Rowlings to name a few. Also my daughter Shelby.

8. What are you working on at the moment?(optional)  I am working on Tudor Rising. Book two in the Immortal Tudor series. As well as another idea for a story that doesn’t fallow my Tudor’s.

9. What genre are your books? Fantasy Urban and Paranormal.

10. What drew you to the genre you write?  I fell in love with Vampires and Fae when I was six and have always felt a connection to them.

11. Which Actor/Actress would you like to see portraying the lead character from your most recent book?(any book you like)  Emma Watson. I think she would make a wonderful Cait.

12. Do you write full-time or part-time?   Full time

13. What is the hardest thing about writing?  Thoughts running away with where the story is supposed to be. Getting to involved in a book I am reading.

14. Any tips on how to get through the dreaded Writer’s block?    I have called my youngest daughter and ran ideas over with her. She is helpful more so cause she hates to read.

15. Do you read much, and if so who are your favorite Authors or genres?   J.R. Ward, Christine Feehan and many others. Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, Vampires, Fae, elves.

16. Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?  Writing is my passion and my husband help me make my dream come true.

17. How can Readers discovery more about you and your work?(please provide proper links)  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014398533187&__nodl

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview 😊

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