Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Gift Set: A compilation of three romance stories by Steph Christina


The Gift Set by Steph Christina - Three standalone contemporary romance stories combined into one gift set.


Gregory Romeo is a single, awkward man on the search for a wife. He doesn't know where to find her, and feels he has run out of avenues on where to look. Therefore, he decides to try something new. Gregory purchases a wife off an authorised Russian brides website.

Her name is Svetlana. When Svetlana arrives in Australia and the couple first meet, things are a bit awkward.

But soon enough, the pair realise that they're in for a bunch of surprises. Moments of self-discovery, new beginnings and an interesting ride on the road to love.

Honey Carter's parents send Honey on a trip to Europe for summer break. Out of all places, they buy her a ticket to Rome, Italy where she is to go and stay with her long-lost Aunt Nicole.

Honey is full of excitement and has always dreamed of visiting Italy one day. She just can't wait to take her first trip overseas.

When she arrives in Rome, Honey meets people she'd never imagined she'd meet and her trip steers her life in the direction of a romantic adventure she never saw coming.

A contemporary romance about friendship, family, travel, culture and love.

Sweet Sarina Leon has just finished high school and is taking her first couple steps from a teenage girl into woman-hood. She's an attractive, socialite and has just started studying law at university. Sarina is experiencing new things with her peers and is on a journey of self-discovery.

However, one fine day unassuming Sarina meets an attractive spunk named Frankie at the beach and as a result of this chance meeting an unexpected and unsuspected turn of events, have the potential to change Sarina's life as she knows it, forever.


I so loved this book and the three stories...The Author does have a lot of passion guaranteed when she writes...will definitely be back to read more...special thanks to the Author Steph Christina for doing what you do for us Readers...I will be back :)  



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